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Whistles and Wedding Rings

Whistles and Wedding Rings

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Coaching families face pressure and experience certain joys that most people never even consider. Whistles and Wedding Rings approaches the unique situations that coaching families encounter with an ear turned toward the wisdom of the Bible. This book of fifty devotional thoughts is for both the coach and the coach’s spouse. Roger Lipe has served with FCA since 1994. He has served coaches and huddles as a chaplain and staff member in the FCA Midwest Region and International Coordinator. 


"Home-field advantage is very real in the sports culture. We all want to go undefeated at home. If your marriage is to survive the time, financial and pressure demands that coaching brings then winning must begin at home. Your home. Few marriages are in the crosshairs of Satan more than coaches. Whistles and Wedding Rings will help any coach and their spouse stay connected to Christ and each other by helping create healthy conversation around the things that matter. We must be good on offense and defense to win at our marriages and this book will help you in both. Win at Home!" — Shane Williamson, FCA President

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