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The Worshipful Coach

The Worshipful Coach

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The book of Psalms can be a great resource for coaches who want to worship God.

•  Psalms provide words of praise and thanksgiving: The book of Psalms is full of songs of praise and thanksgiving to God. Coaches can use these words to express their gratitude to God for their abilities and successes.

•  Psalms encourage humility: The Psalmist often acknowledges God’s power and might, which can remind coaches that their success is ultimately in God’s hands. This can encourage humility and an attitude of gratitude.

•  Psalms offer comfort and strength: The book of Psalms also contains many verses that offer comfort and strength in difficult times. Coaches can turn to these verses for inspiration and motivation when they are struggling.

•  Psalms provide a framework for prayer: Many of the Psalms are written as prayers to God. Coaches can use these prayers as a framework for their own prayers, lifting up their concerns and hopes to God.

Ryan Limbaugh is a former collegiate athlete who has pursued Gospel impact through sports. He is passionate about equipping leaders to maximize their impact for Christ. Ryan has served coaches and athletes for many years through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary. He and his wife Jamie live at the foot of Mount Cheaha in Calhoun County, Alabama. They have three sons: Carson, Cody, and Adam. You can find him on Twitter @RyanLimbaugh or email him at

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