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The Legacy of Leadership : Bible Study Edition

The Legacy of Leadership : Bible Study Edition

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This edition is identical to the regular edition but includes a 20-page discussion and bible study for readers.

So often, we are told that legacy is measured in terms of material success—winning, acclaim, trophies, wealth, or personal happiness and satisfaction. In “The Legacy of Leadership,” however, Coach Tom Osborne discusses how leading with the end in mind is the only way to leave a legacy that truly matters.

Through personal stories and teachings, Coach Osborne shares the foundational actions (accountability, priorities, and strategy) and foundational values (values and vision, love, integrity, humility, patience, self-control, and loyalty) that lead to impactful outflow (serving, mentoring, and empowerment) and impactful outcomes (confidence, unity, perseverance, excellence, transformation, and success). “The Legacy of Leadership” also includes topical stories from some of the people that know Coach Osborne best (Trev Alberts, Turner Gill, Frank Solich, Ron Brown and Jim Pillen, e.g.) to highlight how he has lived these principles out as a coach, congressman, athletic director, mentor, family man, and follower of Christ.

Most importantly, this book will help you better understand that the true legacy of leadership is not about you. It’s about honoring God through your leadership and serving those that you lead.

Tom Osborne is a renowned college football coach, respected politician, and accomplished athletic administrator. From 1973 to 1997, he served as head coach at the University of Nebraska, leading the teams to unprecedented success. Under his guidance, the Cornhuskers claimed three national championships and 13 conference titles. Beyond football, Osborne co-founded the non-profit TeamMates Mentoring program with his wife Nancy in 1991. In 2000, he ventured into public service and was elected to the United States House of Representatives. Osborne also served as Nebraska’s Athletic Director from 2007 to 2013. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

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