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The Christ-Following Coach

The Christ-Following Coach

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This fifth study for coaches in the Kingdom Sports Bible Study Series also have supplemental videos that will be available at under the video tab. The answers to two crucial questions will transform your life and your coaching: Who is Jesus? And what does it mean to follow him? The New Testament book of Mark addresses both of these questions.

Mark unfolds the truth about the amazing, unrivaled identity of “Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (Mark 1:1). Because of who Jesus is, this invitation he issues must be taken seriously: “Follow me” (Mark 1:17).

The Christ-Following Coach is a systematic study through Mark for coaches who want to encounter Jesus and follow him. In Mark’s fast-paced narrative, you will see what Jesus does, listen to what he says, watch how he interacts with a variety of people, and consider what he desires for you and your life. The goal is to help you know Jesus more deeply and live for him more fully, with a special emphasis on applying this to how you coach. If you want to grow as a Christ-following coach, utilize this study guide to journey through the book of Mark.

Shannon Caughey loves serving coaches and athletes through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Previous to joining the Illini Land FCA staff team, Shannon was a pastor of a church by the University of Illinois campus for eighteen years. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Shannon is passionate about helping others grow a life-changing relationship with the Lord through his Word. He and his wife Cathy have three children who are college-age and older: Joshua, Matthew, and Anna. You can find Shannon on Twitter @shannon_caughey or email him at

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