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Team Studies - Relentless

Team Studies - Relentless

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Team Studies: Relentless is the third book in the Team Character Series written by Rod Handley and Gordon Thiessen. Strong teams all have one key ingredient in common: character. Team Studies: Relentless features 16 key character studies to use throughout the season as a discussion guide on how to build a championship team. The purpose of this book is to identify character qualities that will make a winning difference in your life and on your team. Make it your plan to examine at lease one character quality each week as an individual and with your teammates. Here are the 16 character qualities in this study: Love, Devotion, Freedom, Mission, Accountability, Cheerful, Compassion, Determination, Enthusiasm, Faith, Forgiveness, Obedience, Passionate, Tolerance, Visionary and Worship. About the Authors: ROD HANDLEY is the former Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). He is currently the Founder and President of Character That Counts, a ministry that was founded in July 2000. He is a popular retreat and banquet speaker with men's and women's groups, singles and married. Rod has published fifteen books, including, Character Counts Who's Counting Yours? which details how to begin the process of being accountable to one another. GORDON THIESSEN is a publisher, author, photographer and speaker. He has published more than one hundred books on sports and competition. He is the author of Cross Training Manual, Headline Sports Devotions, Beyond the Headlines and two new books Lessons from Nebraska Football and Peak Performance. He serves with the Nebraska Fellowship of Christian Athletes as the Director of Training and Resources. He also writes a weekly blog at


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