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One Final Pass - 15 Years Later

One Final Pass - 15 Years Later

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Brook Berringer, quarterback, proudly wore #18 as a Nebraska Cornhusker. During the fall of 1994, he burst into the national spotlight. In a run of eight games, after Tommie Frazier went down with a blood clot, he led the Big Red through the heart of the Big Eight schedule. He started seven of those games, finished the other, played with a deflated lung, was undefeated, and had his team poised to play for the national championship in the Orange Bowl against a powerful Miami squad. For eight months then, controversy boiled about who would be the starter for Tom Osborne in the fall of 1995. When Frazier was chosen, Berringer became the best-known backup quarterback in America. Many fans were amazed at the grace and poise by which he accepted his demotion when Frazier was chosen over him as the starting quarterback. Then came April 18. Four hours before Brook was to speak at the Annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet in Lincoln, the plane he was piloting crashed and burned in a hay field. The crash killed him and his hometown friend, Tobey Lake. Fifteen years ago, his mother along with Art Lindsay wrote "One Final Pass" which became a bestseller and inspired thousands of football fans that searched for meaning behind Brook's untimely death. This edition includes new stories since the book was published. It includes new material from Tom Osborne, Turner Gill, Ron Brown and many other football players and Husker fans that were impacted by Brook's life and death.


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