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Make the Big Time Where you Are

Make the Big Time Where you Are

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THE BIG TIME—What is it?—Where is it? Most people really don’t know. They aren't sure what they are looking for. They are much like the man in Russell Conwell’s story Acres of Diamonds, who sold his farm in search of diamonds, never to find them—while the riches he sought were actually found on the small farm he once owned. You see, the man didn’t recognize what diamonds were like in their natural state. This book will reveal to you what THE BIG TIME is all about in its natural state. It will be much like looking at a chessboard. At times it will be crystal clear. At other times it can be quite challenging. Wherever your place is on the board, no matter what piece you see yourself as you can only begin to really understand once the board is cleared of all distractions and ways that have limited you before. Discover now what THE BIG TIME is and where it can be found in your life. Change the way you view life and experience for yourself, making THE BIG TIME WHERE YOU ARE!

FROSTY WESTERING motivated people of all ages with his Big Time message. Frosty was a professor and Head Football Coach at Pacific Lutheran University for 32 years. He was one of the top 10 winningest coaches in the history of college football when he retired with 305 victories and a winning percentage of .761. His teams won four National Championships and he was a three time National Coach of the year. Frosty received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the FCA and Athletes for a Better World. He and his wife Donna were recipients of the John and Nell Wooden Humanitarian Hall of Fame Award in 2004. He was inducted into the prestigious National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana 2005.

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