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Just Like

Just Like

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Influence is the capacity to affect the character, development, or behavior of someone. The athletic world is one of the largest powers of influence in society when it comes to the development of character and behavior in athletes, coaches, and fans. The struggle is God wants to use this influence as a platform for Him instead of a pedestal for us. In Just Like, we pair up the power of God with the platform of female athletics using the stories of biblical characters and college and professional athletes. These stories will both encourage and empower female coaches and athletes to become women of influence by having character and integrity during trials and triumphs. We are shown throughout the entire Bible, men and women who used their influence for both positive and negative and we each must decide who we will choose to be Just Like on this journey as Christian Athletes.


“Sarah Roberts in Just Like does a great job of sharing stories of female athletes and coaches to help others know who God is and what He does through His people. This book will encourage and challenge women and girls to use their power of influence for God’s glory!”
Donna Noonan, FCA National Director of Events


Sarah Roberts has served on the FCA staff since 2003. She began working with the women’s ministry in Oklahoma and now serves as the Director of Women’s ministry in Atlanta. She also wrote "Just Ask" and "Just Ask: Devotions for the Coaches Wife.”

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