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Game Changing Moves

Game Changing Moves

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Life is full of ups, downs, highs and lows. It is also replete with game changing moves that can shift a situation in your favor and impact your journey. Sometimes that impact is realized immediately, and at other times the awareness comes later. Either way, game changing moves are powerful. Throughout this book, you will learn life lessons from the locker room and beyond. Chad Parks will share valuable wisdom he has acquired through sports. He provides valuable principles that will inspire and give you confidence for the road ahead so you can experience your own positive game changing moves. Chad Parks is a wrestling coach, teacher and strength training specialists. He is also a renowned speaker, he has dedicated his life to inspiring others to reach their fullest potential through life in Jesus. He and his wife Laurie reside in Topeka, KS with their four children. He is involved with various ministries throughout the greater Topeka area, such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Young Life and Wrestlers for Christ.


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