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Finding Faithfulness In Sports: Growing in the Likeness of Christ

Finding Faithfulness In Sports: Growing in the Likeness of Christ

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Finding Faithfulness in Sports trains athletes and coaches on 16 critical lessons on character, including faithfulness, consistency, dependability, and many more. Each study provides an easy-to-use bible study format with an optional video from Nebraska football assistant coach Ron Brown.

Christian coaches and athletes experience significant spiritual growth and transformation, referred to as "fruit" in the Bible. This comparison to fruit-bearing is fitting as these changes reflect the work of God's Spirit within us, producing new behaviors and attitudes. The ultimate goal of this transformation is to bring glory to our Heavenly Father.

The Fruit of the Spirit Series explores these changes more thoroughly through its nine-book study series.

Faithfulness is resolute commitment, unfaltering loyalty, and steadfast allegiance. Athletes who embody faithfulness exhibit an unwavering dedication to their goals, regularly putting in the required training time and effort to improve their skills. They remain loyal to their team and coach by showing up consistently and always doing their best, even when the outcome is uncertain or challenging.

GORDON THIESSEN has published or written more than three hundred books on sports and competition. He founded Cross Training Publishing to provide resources for Christian coaches and athletes. Gordon served 28 years with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Nebraska. You can find his videos and Bible studies at

RON BROWN is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hall of Champions and a former Nebraska FCA Director. Ron is the Director for Player Support and Outreach for the University of Nebraska football team. He spent 24 seasons as an assistant coach at Nebraska while they won three national championships. You can find his videos and Bible studies at

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