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Called to Coach

Called to Coach

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Regardless of the sport, every coach will find fresh wisdom in this Christ-centered coaches devotional. It’s one of the best-written studies for coaches that addresses the third dimension of coaching (heart/spirt) which is why Jeff Duke wrote the Foreword. Charles Gee has served on staff with FCA for the past 13 years and is a 3Dimensional Coaching Presenter. He has used his Bible and 40 years of coaching to write these inspirational and educational devotions for coaches and competitors.

"Each devotion is timely, relevant and ‘spot on’ for the today’s coaches. I have been reading and so blessed by each one. The infusion of these in the coaches’ life will be a beginning or continuing personal transformational process of the coach to gain or enhance the joy of being Called to Coach.” — Jeff Duke, 3Dimensional Coaching

"Every coach desires players who are hungry to learn how they can improve as players. Called to Coach will help you better understand God’s desire for you in coaching in turn helping you transfer your influence as a coach to the impact you desire." — Shane Williamson, FCA President

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