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Coaching 100 Days with Jesus

Coaching 100 Days with Jesus
Have you ever had a player's shoe come untied when your team has just taken the lead? This little thing can cause a loss in momentum. After reading Coaching 100 Days with Jesus, you will understand that a coach needs to cover every detail. A onetime instruction to your team on how shoes are to be tied is part of coaching. This devotional not only includes specific coaching instruction, but broader, practical, success-based coaching strategies and concepts, such as discernment, expectations, passion, preparation, innovation, concentration, motivation, communication and problem solving. Coaching 100 Days with Jesus is designed to make you a better coach. The best part of this book is God's Word, provided in a daily scripture along with some coaching wisdom. No matter the level or sport you coach, the daily coaching pointers will assist in your quest to be a highly successful coach. Coaching 100 Days with Jesus shares thoughts and stories from the author’s experiences, acquired over ten years as an athletic director and forty years of coaching multiple sports. John W. Knuth is a National Volleyball Coach of the Year Honoree, National High School Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee, and Michigan Football, Volleyball, and High School Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee. John is retired and enjoys each day in his hometown of Marysville, Michigan with his family: wife Ketha, daughter Kim (Eric), son Kevin (Molly) and grandchildren Corbin, Cullen, Liam and Brynn.

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