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Called to Compete: Coach 2

Called to Compete: Coach 2
Called to Compete: The Marks of an Excellent Leader 2 is the coach's version of the popular bible study series for athletes. Called to Compete is a bible study series that is designed to help coaches at every level integrate their faith with their sport. This character series for coaches will show you how to have the right attitudes and behavior in sports. Lessons include: Decisiveness, vision, consistency, boldness, etc. There are a total of 12 lessons per book. This is the second book in a 3-book bible study series (84 pages). Ideal for: coaches from junior high thru the pro ranks Unique design: Choose between 30 and 45 minute lessons Powerful videos for each lesson by Nebraska Running Backs Coach Ron Brown Easy to follow guide along with online support for group leaders at You can also order this book in the 5 pack for only $25 ($5 per book). Just select the Called to Compete category and choose the 5-pack option.

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