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Glory of the Games

Glory of the Games
Biblical Insights from: Chris Byrd, Tamika Catchings, Michael Chang, Kelly Clark, Josh Davis, Ryan Hall, Tobin Heath, Shannon Miller, DeLisha Milton-Jones, Bobby Jones, Dave Johnson, Hunter Kemper, Ruth Riley, Lyndon Rush, Laura Wilkinson, and more. What does it take to become an elite international competitor? Ask one of these athletes that question and you will hear words such as determination, endurance, focus, passion, patience and self-discipline. But in the race we call life, there is a greater purpose than winning medals, breaking records and obtaining wealth and fame. The athletes featured in Glory of the Games have come to realize that they have been blessed with athleticism and drive in order to bring Glory to God and share with others the hope that accompanies a relationship with Jesus Christ. The same is true for all of us. Successfully living out that purpose requires biblically sound characteristics such as humility, faithfulness, trust, integrity, boldness and spiritual discipline. And once those traits are active in our lives, the ultimate goal changes. It is then all about giving God the glory.
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